Ikea Pedalboard

I’ve moved into a more permanent home-studio space (hence the huge gap between blog posts). As such I’m trying to organise the room a bit better, and one thing that especially needed a solution was the mess of guitar pedals on the floor under my desk.

My bandmate uses a Pedaltrain Classic Jr which looked the ideal size for my purposes- (typically I use about 4 or 5 pedals) but I began to wonder if there was a cheaper alternative. Googling ‘DIY Pedalboard’, I discovered that IKEA sell shelves which are easily converted; the current shelf-of-choice for guitarists seems to be the HEJNE. As it happens, there’s an IKEA up the road from me so I popped in with the intention of getting a set of HEJNE shelves. However I discovered something much better*…. the KNAGGLIG


*Well okay- this worked out well for me, I can’t actually speak about how good the HEJNE shelves are as a pedalboard because I didn’t buy them in the end.

Here’s what’s good about the KNAGGLIG:

  1. The size. It’s actually a bit shallower front-to-back than a Pedaltrain Classic Jr, but there’s enough room to fit a decent collection of pedals. Crucially, there’s enough of a gap between the the wooden slats to run cables through.
  2. The ease of conversion. You only need to make two cuts with a saw to turn the KNAGGLIG into a pedalboard. You can even use the provided screws to hold the thing together.
  3. The price. It’s £9. Granted, that’s £4 more than the HEJNE shelves but you can make two identical pedalboards out of one box.


IMG_0224The wood just after cutting- the side of the box (r) is used as the main pedal platform. The bottom of the box (l) has the slats too close together to run cables through.

IMG_0225 This is basically as far as the construction goes – screws are included.

Couple of issues- if you’ve got a cheap bulky unbranded power brick like I have, it won’t fit underneath the board. Most decent ones from Voodoo Labs or T-Rex should be fine though, especially if you add rubber feet to your creation. Also I initially ran out of velcro tape before I fully covered the board, so best to buy two rolls.  And it goes without saying that a home-made pine pedalboard won’t stand up to gigs as well as a purpose-built metal one….I’m not planning on any heavy duty action with this but it’s fine for keeping things a bit more organised at home.

IKEA also make a smaller, cheaper version of the KNAGGLIG for £5; I had a look at this in store and decided it wasn’t big enough, but it would probably work if you only want to run a couple of pedals, or if all your pedals are really tiny. If you need more room on the board, shelves seem to be the way to go. Have fun.



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